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About us

The ancient Maritime Silk Road ran from the southeast coast of China, through the Indochina Peninsula and countries in the South China Sea, through the Indian Ocean, into the Red Sea, and reached East Africa and Europe. It became a major maritime channel for trade and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and promoted the common development of countries along the road. China's major exports to the rest of the world, from silk to porcelain and tea, form a wind of Eastern civilization that continues to blow across the globe. Especially in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, China's shipbuilding technology and navigation technology were greatly improved, as well as the navigation application of the compass, comprehensively improved the voyages of merchant ships, and private maritime trade also developed. During this period, China had direct "maritime silk Road" commercial contacts with more than 60 countries. The prosperity of "merchants of all nations in the sound of the rising sea", through the Italian Marco Polo and Arab Ibn Battuta and other travelers' ink, triggered the Western world to look at the Oriental civilization of the great age of navigation boom.
Today, following the example of our predecessors, our company also wants to bring Chinese characteristic products to the world. Our company is committed to becoming a comprehensive high - end fabric and clothing and other products trader. We not only have silk products, but also silk, wool, cashmere and other high-end products, which can also be customized. We will try our best to purchase the products you need for you. If you have any requirements, please contact us.